Customer Notice on Coronavirus-related Disruptions

Last update: Oct 27th ยท 13:14 CET (2021-04-20 14:20 UTC)


Status Product / Service Comment
๐ŸŸก some IsoQure TT Europe Some limited impact on production output. Affected customers have been notified.
๐ŸŸข OK Processing Currently no impact on global processing
๐ŸŸข OK Production Currently no impact on global production
๐ŸŸข OK Logistics Currently no impact on global logistics
๐Ÿ”ด No In-Person Meetings Kautschuk-Group staff are currently not available for face-to-face meetings

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What about face-to-face meetings?

Meetings in person are currently not possible with Kautschuk-Group personnel, provided that appropriate hygiene measures can be ensured. Otherwise, meeting by phone and online are encouraged.

What is Kautschuk-Group's supply chain policy regarding outages?

Kautschuk-Group manufactures most products redundantly in Europe and in China. In theory, this minimizes disruptions due to local outages and enables a smoother global coverage. The conditions of raw materials supplies for product synthesis vary by product. While we generally aim to keep at least one full month's worth of raw materials on hand, there are some substances that are manufactured on a just-in-time (JIT) model. Regarding final products sold to our customers, we generally have at least one full month of projected demand in stock, unless customer-specific agreements stipulate that the product should be shipped directly to the customer after production. In the latter case, outage impacts will obviously be felt immediately. In all other cases where we supply customers from stock, disruptions may occur after a month of sustained outages.

Does Kautschuk-Group have a disaster recovery plan?

Kautschuk-Group has separate disaster recovery plans in place for our offices and manufacturing plants, aimed at minimizing customer impact and enabling a timely continuation of operations after an event. Disaster recovery procedures reflect local circumstances and are subject to regular audits.

Does Kautschuk-Group have a business contingency plan?

In situations where the safety of our employees is at stake, such as epidemics or political instability, our general policy is to close local operations until the situation improves. Kautschuk-Group can sustain global operations with minimal disruptions if any one office should be temporarily or permanently out of commission. Regarding most but not all products, if any one production site is impacted by an outage, another plant is configured as a designated fail-over site and will be able to continue production. However, shortages in raw materials and logistics can still impact supply quantities and time tables, irregardless of any contingency plans.