Isodur RE

Chemical name: Triphenylmethane-4,4',4''-triisocyanate

CAS Number: 2422-91-5

EINECS Number: 219-351-8

Solvent: Ethylacetate

Material Definition

Appearance: Yellow-green, red brown to violet liquid. Product may contain flaky deposits.

NCO content of the solution: 9.3 ± 0.2 %

Density: 0.98 g/cm3

This product is identical in formulation to Desmodur RE and can be used as a drop-in replacement.


Kautschuk-Group will be taking over as the REACH lead registrant in 2023.


Isodur RE is a highly effective crosslinker for adhesives that are based on polyurethane, natural rubber and synthetic rubber (especially chloroprene rubber). It improves heat stability, hydrolysis resistance, and the resistance to greases, oils, and solvents.

Isodur RE offers an outstanding adhesion promotion for bonding a wide variety of materials such as PVC, rubber, EVA, or leather to metal and glass surfaces. This product is especially recommended where the bonds are exposed to considerable forces and stress or heat immediately after application. For instance, it is used for bonding shoe soles, including light-colored shoe materials.

Usage Information

After adding Isodur RE to a polyurethane- or rubber-based adhesive, the mixture must be used within its pot life. The pot life depends on the polymer content as well as on other ingredients like antioxidants, resins, plasticizers, solvents, etc. This pot life can vary from several hours to one day.

Handling, Storage, and Packaging

The processing and use of Isodur RE requires adequate technical and professional knowledge. Please consult safety data sheet and observe local safety regulations. The legal requirements prevailing in your country, especially in the avoidance of accidents, working hygiene and patent rights must be observed.

Isodur RE has to be stored in its sealed original containers at temperatures from 10 to 25°C. Properly stored it is stable for a minimum of six months. If it is stored or transported at low temperatures, crystalline deposits may form but they will re-dissolve at room temperature.

Available pack sizes for Isodur RE:

  • 180 kg drums
  • 50 kg drums
  • 0.75kg Aluminium bottles
  • Warehousing: in stock (> 10t as of 2024-05-01)

    Regulatory Information

    EU REACH registered: Yes

    Silica dust (< 10µm): No

    Substances of concern

    Tin organic compounds present: no
    Conflict minerals: no
    3TG (section 1502 of Dodd-Frank Act): no
    Cobalt/Mica 2017/821/EU: no
    Chromium VI content: no
    Chromium reducer: no
    Biocide/s 528/2012/EU: no
    Detergents 648/2004/EU: no
    Nano materials (particle size <100nm): no
    Fluorinated greenhouse gases 517/2014/EU: no
    RoHS/GADSL/WEEE substances: no
    Dual use 428/2009/EU: no
    Rotterdam convention PIC 649/2012/EU: no
    Montreal Protocol ODP 1005/2009/EU: no


  • Americas (United States, Canada, South America)
  • APAC (Asia-Pacific)
  • ANZ (Australia, New Zealand)
  • EU (European Union)
  • PRC (People's Republic of China)
  • UK (United Kingdom)
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