Unless otherwise noted, all materials purchased from Kautschuk-Group come with a shelf life date printed on the Certificates of Analysis as the shipments leave our warehouses. This shelf life date designates a period of time where we certify the stability and usability of the substance, provided that it is stored and used as advised.

When does the certification period start?

Stated storage and shelf life times are minimum guaranteed values for a period starting on the day of shipment. After this period has expired, the product requires additional quality control testing but may very well still be within specification.

If you are unsure whether a product you have stored in your facilities for extended periods of time is still usable, please contact your purchasing contact at Kautschuk-Group for more information. We can also provide chemical and physical analyses given a sample from your storage, in order to re-certify a given stock for typical use.

Do you provide a manufacturing date?

We do not generally provide manufacturing dates for our products.

Do you provide an expiration date?

No. When the certified shelf life period has passed, our products do not expire automatically. Re-certification may be possible. In general, most of our products are stable for periods well in excess of the guaranteed dates.

Emulsified substances

Among our products are emulsions and suspensions. By their very nature, these kinds of products always experience some amount of sedimentation and need to be stirred up before use.

Powder layer separation

Many of our products come in powder form, and some contain anticaking agents while others do not. All powder products run the risk of separating vertically into coarser and finer layers, especially during overland transport. Please make sure to homogenize larger quantities (e.g. the content of big bags) before use. Materials without anticaking agent may also require additional sieving or milling.


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