Diagram made by Lenin to illustrate the international web of industry, featuring Metallgesellschaft.
Kautschuk-Group, headquartered in Germany, is an alliance of international companies supplying the rubber, plastics and adhesives industry with high performance chemicals. The Kautschuk-Group spun off in 2001 from the former Kautschukgesellschaft mbH which itself was founded in 1926 as a subsidiary of the German Metallgesellschaft.

The Kautschuk-Group Today

Today, Kautschuk-Group consists of 5 strategically-placed companies operating in unison to provide our customers and partners with local services and expertise. Kautschuk-Group is 100% privately owned and independent. Our strategy is based on long-term planning, and the Group is designed from the ground up to be a rock-solid stable supplier for critical industries world-wide.

Many of our products are being produced at two or more production plants in order to circumvent potential local shortages and issues. A redundant and distributed production network helps to deliver specialty chemicals with constant quality and without interruptions in less time. Our logistics support helps our customers meet their supply targets and, if necessary, are able to troubleshoot locally in cooperation with our partner companies.

The Isochem Kautschuk-GmbH and all production plants in Germany, USA, the Czech Republic, Thailand, and China are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. A world-wide sales organization, supported by experienced chemists and engineers, provides with just-in-time deliveries and local technical service.


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