This Ethics Policy / Code of Conduct provides a common definition for the values and principles in a global company with cultural differences and different values. It is firmly believed that long-term corporate success also depends to a high degree on the implementation of these values and principles own corporate identity and business relations. This Code of Conduct underscores what we stand for in our relations to employees, business partners and other stakeholder and helps to create a culture of honesty and accountability.

Business Principles

Legal Compliance

All business decisions are made in accordance with local and international laws and regulations. In situations where the law does not provide that guidance, the decision must be based upon corporate rules according to company values and culture. When implementing internal rules and procedures, Kautschuk-Group management will base their decisions not only on constructive business interests but also ethical and humanist values.

Conflicts of Interest

Employees must avoid any conflict of interest and shall disclose such a conflict when it arises. A conflict of interest can occur when the personal, private or financial interest appears to conflict with the interests of the company as a whole. Any case of conflict of interests must be immediately announced.

Relations with business partners

Above all business partners have to be treated fairly and in good faith in all agreements. The companies of Kautschuk-Group shall not offer customers, potential customers, governments, agencies of governments, or any representative of such entities, any rewards or benefits in violation of applicable laws or reasonable and generally accepted business practices.

Employees or members of their family must not receive improper personal benefits of a material or financial nature as a result of his or her position in the company that could affect or appear to affect their objectivity in business decisions.

Companies of Kautschuk-Group treat information concerning business partners as strictly confidential and essentially do not render such information to third parties, keep true records on all financial transactions and conduct accounting in accordance with local accounting principles and international accounting standards.


Kautschuk-Group continuously evaluates the performance of its suppliers and encourages them to implement quality and environment management systems.

Suppliers shall apply the same or very similar principles as Kautschuk-Group in their business behavior in legal, environmental and social areas, specifically in the area of child labour, forced labour and environmental standards.

Political Involvement

Kautschuk-Group welcomes the participation of its employees in the political life of their respective communities and countries. Such activities must, however, occur in the employees' nonworking hours and at the employees' own expense. The company itself will however always observe strict neutrality with regard to political parties and candidates and will not use its name or resources to promote the interests of political parties or candidates.


The companies of Kautschuk-Group will entertain a dynamic dialogue with their partners and other concerned persons and inform them accurately and in a non-misleading manner.


Human Rights

The company will respect and support the protection of international human rights within its sphere of influence.


The treatment of employees in all aspects will in no way be connected with his race, sex, age, nationality, political opinion, union affiliation, social or ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Diversity in this area is encouraged.


Child labour is not allowed within Kautschuk-Group companies or their business partners. Kautschuk-Group employees are permitted and encouraged to maintain memberships with their respective unions and labor organizations.

Work Environment

Kautschuk-Group continuously strives to provide and improve safe and healthy workplaces and provides ongoing training.

Workplace Harassment

We maintain a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. Kautschuk-Group is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all employees and job applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by state or federal law.

We will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment based on any of these protected characteristics. This policy applies to all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruitment, hiring, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfer, termination, and other terms and conditions of employment.


The companies of Kautschuk-Group practices a responsible approach to the management of natural resources. We design our products and processes in such a way that energy and raw materials are used efficiently and sustainably, and waste of any kind is reduced to a minimum or recycled properly.

The companies of Kautschuk-Group and its employees are committed to environmental protection and will continuously and systematically work to improve the manufacturing process and our products with that goal in mind.

The company routinely audits, follows-up and reports on its environmental performance.

For more information on our ecological stance and policy, refer to our Sustainability Mission Statement.