Kagevest 25

Chemical name: Butadiene, homopolymeric, trimethoxysilyl modified (silane-modified liquid polybutadiene)

CAS Number: 71010-70-3

Kagevest 25 is a polymeric organo-silicon filler activator for rubber compounds.

Material Definition

Appearance: Colourless/light yellow liquid

Odour: Weak characteristic odour

Ignition Temperature: Approx. 110°C (DIN 51758)

Melting Point: < - 30°C (solidification point)

Explosion limits: Approx. 350°C (DIN 51794) No explosion limits under normal conditions

Density (20°C): 0.95 g/cm3

Solubility: Water insoluble; Soluble in all plasticizers and solvents commonly used for rubber processing

Viscosity (20°C): Approx. 2000 mPas

Stability: No decomposition up to 250°C


Polymeric organosilicon filler activator for rubber compounds. Through the use of Kagevest, a substantial enhancement of the reinforcing action of light-coloured filler materials can be achieved. Kagevest is active with both sulphur and peroxides in the cross-linking of compounds containing silicic acid and silicate fillers.

Mechanism of action: Polymeric organosilicon containing reactive trimethoxysilyl groups which react with the surface of light-coloured reinforcing filler materials, while the unsaturated polymer chain is incorporated in the cross-linked structure of the vulcanized rubber.

Technical benefits:

  • substantially reduced vulcanization time

  • reduced elongation set and permanent compression set

  • lower viscosity of green compounds

  • higher tensile strength and modulus as well as tear propagation strength

  • improved abrasion resistance and enhanced properties under dynamic conditions

  • reduced water absorption

    Handling, Storage and Packaging

    If stored in the unopened original container in a dry place, the shelf life of the product is at least one year.

    Standard pack size are drums of 180 kg.

    Regulatory Information

    EU REACH registered: Not applicable


  • Americas (United States, Canada, South America)
  • APAC (Asia-Pacific)
  • ANZ (Australia, New Zealand)
  • EU (European Union)
  • PRC (People's Republic of China)
  • UK (United Kingdom)
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