EcoQure Sandfix

Material Definition

Density: 0.91 g/ml

Viscosity (20 °C): ~759 mPa

Drying (23 °C, 50 µm wet film): ~4 h

Prim density: ~1650 g/cm^3

Tensile strength: ~2.0 N/mm^2


Sandfix can be employed as a single-component binder for cementing sands of varying particle sizes. It should be utilized in concentrations between 1.5% to 4% by weight, contingent on the sand's particle size distribution. It's crucial to use sands with a water content of 1% by weight or less.

Sands consolidated with Sandfix harden independently of water, requiring only atmospheric oxygen to set. Remarkably, Sandfix can cure even at relatively low temperatures, with the curing time decreasing as the temperature rises. During the setting process, it's important to prevent the Sandfix mortar from contacting water. However, it's safe to use weather-resistant pigments such as iron oxide to color the pavements.

Adding Sandfix does not affect the sand's color. Even under dense compaction, the structure and natural void content are almost entirely preserved, leading to excellent water permeability in the hardened sand-Sandfix mixture.

The hardening of the mixtures occurs through the absorption of atmospheric oxygen, making it a temperature-dependent process. Typical processing times for sand-Sandfix mixes range around 60 minutes at 3°C and can decrease to as little as 30 minutes at 20°C.

The Sandfix Advantage

Sandfix is a liquid polymer-based binder, specifically designed to bind dry sands of varying sizes. It sets without the addition of water, and its fluid consistency makes it an ideal construction material for eco-conscious landscaping projects. Using Sandfix as a binder, you can path and grout without cement and water.

A key advantage of paths constructed with Sandfix is their unsealed nature. While the hardened mortar inhibits weed growth, it remains permeable to water and oxygen. This ensures that the underlying soil continues its biological activity, preventing atrophy or death.

Sandfix also excels in creating tree bases, as it easily facilitates water access, vital for growth. Its unrestricted oxygen flow and superb water permeability mean the soil remains a safe habitat for small creatures and earth-rooted plants.

Furthermore, outdoor surfaces crafted with Sandfix do not excessively heat up, unlike asphalt or other traditional building materials, even under extended, intense sunlight exposure. This makes them more navigable for beetles, reptiles, and other small creatures, enhancing the local biodiversity.

Bike Paths

As environmental awareness grows, so does the popularity of cycling for local travel and leisure. Cities are increasingly expanding their network of cycle paths to accommodate this trend. Sandfix aligns perfectly with this eco-conscious shift, offering key attributes for sustainable cycle path construction. Its long-term weather resistance, high flexural strength, resistance to deicing agents, and a low-noise surface with excellent grip synergize seamlessly with the environmentally friendly ethos of cycling.

Suggested Amounts

To help you determine how much Sandfix you'll need to cover a given area, you can use our calculator tool:

⮕ Sandfix Amounts Calculator

Handling, Storage and Packaging

The processing and use of EcoQure Sandfix requires adequate technical and professional knowledge. Please consult safety data sheet and observe local safety regulations. The legal requirements prevailing in your country, especially in the avoidance of accidents, working hygiene and patent rights must be observed.

EcoQure Sandfix has to be stored in tightly sealed original containers in a cool and dry place below 28°C. Properly stored it is stable for a minimum of two years.

Regulatory Information

EU REACH registered: N/a (polymer)


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