EcoQure Terrafix

Material Definition

Form supplied: Concentrate

Appearance: Dark brown liquid

Density (g/cm³): 0,91

Viscosity at 20°C [mPa]: 790 ± 10%

Frost resistance: Yes


Quantity of water for dilution: Approx. 1,5- 2,0 l/m²

Min. amount of water: Approx. 0,1 l/m²

Lowest tolerable soil temperature for application: No limit

Protection against wind erosion for flat areas: From 10 g/m²

Nature of stabilization: 3-dimensional, no skin formation, soil particles are bound to each other up to a depth of 20mm

Duration of the stabilization: At least until erosion protection task is taken over by the formed greensward

Reduction in evaporation: 20 g/m² approx. 30%

Reduction in fertilizer leach-out: 10 g/m² approx. 80%

Soil stabilizer Terrafix consists of 100% active substance and is emulsified directly on site in spray equipment fitted with an agitator. The tank of the equipment is filled, in well-established manner, with the spray mixture of water, seed mixture, and mineral of organic fertilizers and with such other necessary soil auxiliaries or conditioners needed for local conditions.

The Terrafix Advantage

Terrafix, has demonstrated exceptional efficacy as a soil stabilizing agent and erosion deterrent, particularly when hydroseeding barren soils.

Terrafix comprises a unique liquid polymer blend, fortified with additional components such as wetting agents, driers, and defoaming agents. Once emulsified in water, Terrafix is sprayed onto the surface requiring protection, where it can penetrate to depths of up to 20mm, contingent on the absorbency of the soil substrate. Following application, Terrafix reacts with atmospheric oxygen, forming a firm, water-insoluble network within a few hours. Consequently, wet particles such as sand grains, fertilizer, seed, and other materials bind to the surface. This fixation process also serves to prevent rapid leaching of fertilizer into the subsoil, thereby ensuring its extended availability to plants for more efficient utilization. Despite its binding capabilities, cured Terrafix does not seal the soil surface. The open, matrix-like character of its bound structure fully preserves the soil's water absorbency. As such, germination and plant growth remain unhindered.


Terrafix is highly recommended for hydroseeding applications where soil structure needs protection against erosion threats from intense rain and wind. It proves effective even with alkaline soils, maintaining absolute water permeability without disturbing the soil biology. As root growth occurs, Terrafix decomposes under the influence of atmospheric oxygen, warmth, and sunlight into environmentally benign carbon dioxide and water.

Establishing grass growth on surfaces without topsoil is advantageous. The absence of nutrient supply encourages seedlings to root not only in the upper soil layer but also in deeper strata, providing superior long-term erosion protection. Over a period of no more than a year, decay processes from dying vegetation result in a layer rich in organic, humus-like constituents. These constituents, through the root system, anchor into the subsoil, thus forming a permanent barrier against erosion.

Dust Prevention and Binding

Dust emissions from industrial deposits—such as coal and ore hillsides, and rinse sand areas—pose significant environmental issues, particularly noticed by individuals residing or working in close proximity to these sites.

Being a liquid polymer, Terrafix can be effortlessly sprayed onto the problem area, binding the topmost layer up to a depth of approximately 15mm. This dust-binding agent is a highly unsaturated organic product that hardens in the presence of atmospheric oxygen, forming a robust network. It agglomerates soil particles and mixture components at a mere concentration of 0.03% by weight. For instance, just 30g of Terrafix per square meter can effectively fix the fine dust emanating from coal hillsides. Within hours, the top layers of coal harden into a dust-free crust. An optimal mix of 60g Terrafix per square meter diluted with about 1.5 liters of water per square meter has proven effective, ensuring durable and effective dust binding. Extremely fine dust requires at least 100g of Terrafix per square meter.

The hardened layer remains fully water-permeable. Terrafix combusts in an environmentally friendly manner, resulting in carbon dioxide and water. Importantly, Terrafix doesn't contain pollutants or aggressive combustion products, such as sulfur, nitrogen, or chlorine compounds.

Handling, Storage and Packaging

The processing and use of EcoQure Terrafix requires adequate technical and professional knowledge. Please consult safety data sheet and observe local safety regulations. The legal requirements prevailing in your country, especially in the avoidance of accidents, working hygiene and patent rights must be observed.

EcoQure Terrafix has to be stored in tightly sealed original containers in a cool and dry place below 28°C. Properly stored it is stable for a minimum of two years.

Regulatory Information

EU REACH registered: N/a (polymer)


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